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#MW2014 Eric Brockmeyer of Disney Research keynote



First keynote about to start.

‘Trying to make magical experiences. Everything we do requires a story. Work is technology driven but has to be pitched as a story.’

Mix of engineers, scientists and artists working together.

Sub idea is to make everything interactive.

1. Make objects listen.
Created a sensor to recognise gestures. ‘Moving the input away from the mouse and keyboard’.
Stumbled upon the most interesting application for it as plants. That’s also great Disney story – talking inanimate objects, plants etc.
It didn’t start with the talking plants story.

2. Giving voice to objects
Add touch sensation to objects. People touching objects eg. a painting using conductive paint gave the person touching it different sensations at different points. Made hidden recordings playable by touching a persons ear.

3. Make air talk
Ended up with a way to, as an example, make curtains ripple during a scary film or papers move by themselves across a desk.

4. Make light talk
Controllable shadows such as boxing characters.
Collaborative gaming environment.

5. Make interactive devices rapidly
3d printed chess pieces. Touch surface screen and embedded cameras.


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April 3rd, 2014 at 1:11 pm

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