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#MW2014 what’s the first rule of Computer Club


First session of the conference for me will be this session from the Imperial War Museum. Will liveblog and update notes here. Apparently we’re going to be making stuff.

We’ve just played a version if Grandmother’s footsteps to warm up.

We’re now running a bit of a twitter workshop.

IWM ran a session on Twitter at the museum to get people started. Took them five workshop helpers.

Participants here identifying social media knowledge as an issue for museum professionals.
We’re being sent off to make a short film using iMovie .



Presenters now talking about how they took their internal training into a session about gaming. Mark Sorrell went to the museum and helped people visualise what a game might be.

Advertised it internally using provocative posters on toilet cubicles.

They ran 4×4 groups using games in iPad, connect and music. It got great buyin and feedback internally.

Session drawing to a close now. Presenters are asking the group if there’s one session which could work at the delegates own organisations.

Filming using the tablet.
Twitter workshop for staff.
Getting leadership teams doing tablet filming.
Teaching twitter for people to hold events in twitter.

And we all get a sticker! Nice touch.

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